Donations and Sponsorship


We are always looking for donations and sponsors no matter how small in order to keep our Wa165 running.


Thank you to our Sponsors

There are many people and organisations around Gisborne and New Zealand we would like to take the time to sincerely thank for their contributions over the years we have been restoring our Wa165 . These contributions however big or small have been genuinely appreciated and have assisted us to where we are today. As you all can appreciate we could not list everyone here on our website but the committee would like to mention a few:

  • Williams Trusts
  • Clark Trust
  • Department of Tourism 1988 (NZ Government Grant)
  • Hikurangi Forest Farms
  • NZ General Surgery (R Cirolli)
  • ECT
  • ECCT
  • Lion Foundation
  • Sovereign
  • James Bowman
  • E-C Website Solutions
  • First Light Foundation
  • NZ Community Trust (NZCT)
  • Flavell & Chamberlain Ltd
  • CLEANcare Supplies

Thanks to the existing product and service sponsors. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring any of our activities or our unique promotions which are set out below:

  • A double seat in a carriage (which will be especially named after you) = $200 donation
  • A table with four seats in a carriage (which will be especially named after you) = $500 donation