Timetable & Booking Info


Booking Info

Tickets can be purchased from the i-Site Gisborne Information Centre in Grey Street, except for special event trips like the Chardonnay Express in May

Please note that as the Turanganui-a-Kiwa / Gisborne I-site is now closed on Sundays, any remaining tickets for Sunday 2nd June, will be sold at the Gisborne Railway Station from 12.30 that day, where we have EFTPOS, available on the Train.

(At this stage no online booking is available - sorry)

There is plenty of free parking available at the Gisborne Railway Station, which is accessed from Grey Street.

Please note that excursions are only to Muriwai as the track to Beach Loop is unuseable due to damage.

If you have a ticket but feel ill on the day of your excursion, please do not come on board. GCVR will change your ticket for another date.

In addition to our steam locomotive Wa165 built in 1897, we also have a vintage diesel-electric locomotive DSC2759 built in 1967. Although we will do our best to use the advertised locomotive to haul our excursions, it may be necessary to change to the other locomotive without any warning. We apologise if this causes you any inconvenience.

Please note also, that during a "closed" fire season, we may have to run the diesel-electric locomotive even if the steam locomotive had previously been scheduled to operate the excursion.  

To see the layout of the seats in our carriages, CLICK HERE.


Date Departure Time Excursion To Prices Scheduled
2024     Adult Child Family    

Saturday 1st June

1.00 Muriwai $40 $15 $90

King's Birthday

Sunday 2nd June

1.00 Muriwai $40 $15 $90

King's Birthday

The Layout of Seats in our Carriages:

Note that going out to Muriwai, the "A" car is the first carriage in the train, followed by the "B" car, then the "D" car (which is also the Buffet car) then the "C" car.

On the return journey to Gisborne, the locomotive hooks on to the "C" car and pulls the train backwards.


  • The train is also available for special charters - please contact us if you would like information about chartering the train for your special event.
  • Children are to be under 15 years of age (Infants sitting on knee no charge)
  • Family is 2 Adults and 2 Children
  • Length of Muriwai Excursion Trip - 2 hours approx. plus a 30 - 45 mins picnic / photo break
  • There is a grass area at Muriwai for a picnic, so bring along your goodies. Hot water is available in the Buffet carriage




Tickets can be purchased from the i-Site Gisborne Information Centre in Grey Street (Ph: 06 868 6139). Any remaining tickets will be available for sale at the Gisborne Railway Station 30 minutes before departure.

Boarding the Train

The train leaves from the Gisborne Railway Station. Please arrive 15 minutes before the departure time shown.

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