New  Seasons time table listed below...

Tickets can be purchased from the i-Site Gisborne Information Centre in Grey Street, apart from 15th February Art Deco trip.  Please note that half an hour before the designated departure any remaining tickets are sold at the Gisborne Railway Station ticket office where we have EFTPOS, which also is available on the Train.

(At this stage no online booking is available - sorry) 

Please note that excursions are only to Muriwai as the track to Beach Loop is still unuseable due to damage.


Date Departure Time Excursion Type Prices Notes
  Adult Child Family  
 Sunday    15th March 2020  1.00pm  Muriwai  $35  $15  $80  
 Saturday  11th April 2020             1.00pm  Muriwai  $35  $15  $80  
 Sunday    12th April 2020              1.00pm  Muriwai  $35  $15  $80  
 Sunday    10th May 2020         1.00pm  Muriwai  $35  $15  $80  
 Saturday  30th May 2020            1.00pm  Muriwai  $35  $15  $80  



  • The Charter Dates are not available to the public - please contact us if you would like information about chartering the train for your event.
  • For the Charter prices contact GCVR 
  • Children are to be under 15 years of age (Infants sitting on knee no charge)
  • Family is Two Adults and Two Children
  • Length of Muriwai Excursion Trip - 2 hours approx. with a 30 mins picnic / photo break
  • There is a grass area at Muriwai for a picnic, so bring along your goodies, hot water is available in the Buffet carriag