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Gisborne City Vintage Railway:
We are an incorporated society and registered charity not a Trust. Our official title is 'Gisborne City Vintage Railway Inc'. Membership fees are $20 per annum for an individual and $30 for a family.

We are always looking for donations and sponsors no matter how small in order to keep our Wa165 running. See the "How you can Help" Page for more details.

Thank you

There are many people and organisations around Gisborne and New Zealand we would like to take the time to sincerely thank for their contributions over the years we have been restoring our Wa165 . These contributions however big or small have been genuinely appreciated and have assisted us to where we are today. As you all can appreciate we could not list everyone here on our website but the committee would like to mention a few:

  • Williams Trusts
  • Clark Trust
  • Department of Tourism 1988 (NZ Government Grant)
  • Hikurangi Forest Farms
  • NZ General Surgery (R Cirolli)
  • Eastland Port
  • ECT
  • ECCT
  • Lion Foundation
  • Sovereign
  • James Bowman
  • E-C Website Solutions
  • First Light Foundation
  • NZ Community Trust (NZCT)
  • Flavell & Chamberlain Ltd
  • CLEANcare Supplies

Would you like to become a sponsor?

If you would like to participate and assist with the ongoing restoration and running of our local steam train Wa165, we would love to speak to you about any assistance such as product, labour, donation or anything else that you may be able to give to us. Feel free to ring 06 867 0385 or email on info@GCVR.org.nz

Members – may they rest in peace.

Our thoughts are with those members who have passed on since starting the restoration of Wa165. Their contributions have been an integral part of getting Wa165 into steam.

  • Toby White
  • Hoss Fafeita
  • Bob Samson
  • Robin Henderson
  • Ron Scott
  • Mike Vita
  • Phil Fischbach
  • Keith Boivin
  • Chris Page
  • Hink Healey
  • Bill Sefton
  • Ken Athy
  • George Shannon
  • Graham Cust
  • Bob Abel (2021)


Tickets can be purchased from the i-Site Gisborne Information Centre in Grey Street.

Boarding the Train

Train leaves from the Gisborne Railway Station. Please arrive 15 minutes before departure time shown.

Contact Us


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