Our Volunteers


Our Volunteers

As is noted elsewhere on this website, a group of vintage rail enthusiasts formed the Gisborne City Vintage Railway Society (GCVR) in 1985.

They were all volunteers and this tradition of volunteers working for and running GCVR continues today. Some of the original 1985 volunteers are still working here!

Many of our volunteers fill more than one role within GCVR. In addition to the maintenance work required on our 3 locomotives (Wa165, DSC2759 and TR23), there are 4 passenger carriages and one service wagon to maintain, as well as the railway track and bridges that we use. We also have shunter drivers (to drive TR23 to assemble the train and move carriages around the yard as required), shunters (who direct the movement of trains around the yard), engine drivers, assistant drivers, firemen (for Wa165), technical inspectors (to "pre-flight" the train), train guards and safety crew, buffet staff, administration staff - all roles that are necessary to keep GCVR operating and all filled by volunteers.

Many of our volunteers are retired (from all sorts of backgrounds including engineering, electrical, railway, office, building, maritime and farming), but we also have volunteers who are still in full-time employment, including office staff, truck drivers, engineers, business owners and even a RocketLab employee. A wide variety of backgrounds - always a chance to learn something new.

GCVR Workshop

    Anybody is welcome to come to the Engine Shed between 9am and noon on a Thursday or Saturday and have a look at the activities that go on behind the scene to keep GCVR operating.

    Previous railway experience is NOT necessary, nor is any specialist mechanical or engineering skills (although they will be very welcome). All we need is people interested in helping us to maintain and operate this unique steam engine (the only Wa engine in the world).

    Unfortunately, some of our volunteers are no longer with us - gone but not forgotten.

    Past Members – may they rest in peace.

    Our thoughts are with those members who have passed on since starting the restoration of Wa165. Their contributions have been an integral part of getting Wa165 into steam.

    • Toby White
    • Hoss Fafeita
    • Bob Samson
    • Robin Henderson
    • Ron Scott
    • Mike Vita
    • Phil Fischbach
    • Keith Boivin
    • Chris Page
    • Hink Healey
    • Bill Sefton
    • Ken Athy
    • George Shannon
    • Graham Cust
    • Laurie Robertson
    • Keith Boivin
    • Bob Abel (2021)
    • Dave Smith (2022)
    • Richard Jackson (2022)
    • Fred Hamer (2022)


      Tickets can be purchased from the i-Site Gisborne Information Centre in Grey Street (Ph: 06 868 6139). Any remaining tickets will be available for sale at the Gisborne Railway Station 30 minutes before departure.

      Boarding the Train

      The train leaves from the Gisborne Railway Station. Please arrive 15 minutes before the departure time shown.

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